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Books, Seminars, and Training Programs for Customer Service Professionals


Customer Communication and Negotiation Skills , 3-day training seminar

This training seminar is for professionals that need to communicate well with a range of supervisors, end-users on the front-line and in the executive suite, as well as other internal and external clients. Includes practice sessions. For details,

Contact Center Professional Training and Certification, 2- or 3-day training seminar

This training course is designed to equip call center and help desk professionals the essential skills, competencies, confidence and practice to build customer relationships, create a positive business image, recognize customers' demands, and adapt strategies to meet those needs through use of world-class customer care and call handling techniques. For details,


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A Career for the 21st Century: A Handbook for Call Center Agents, by Clifford Hurst, softcover, 73 pages, 2000, $12.95

Here's a nice primer for new call center agents, and a good review of call center basics and terminology for current employees migrating over to the call center.  A very quick read, this little book makes a nice welcome gift in new employee's package of materials.

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Success as a CSR, by Lloyd Finch, softcover, 144 pages, 1998, $15.95

This book is about the Customer Service Representative (CSR) job and the strategic role played by CSRs in providing quality customer service.  The book focuses on what makes a good customer service rep, and the skills and knowledge you will need to succeed.  Examples are presented throughout to demonstrate how the service skills are applied in different situations ,and there is a core section called The Workshop which shows how to identify and develop eleven key customer satisfaction skills.

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Wake Up Your Call Center: How to Be a Better Call Center Agent by Rosanne D'Ausilio, 113 pages, 1998, $59.95

This book takes you through the various topics, issues, and concerns that arise in a CSR's interactions with customers.  The chapters are organized to make it easy to get practical help right away when dealing with daily dilemmas and challenges you face on the front lines.  Click on the book cover to take a look at the detailed agenda and see what we mean.

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Call Center Success: Essential Skills for CSRs, by Lloyd C. Finch, 120 pages, 2000, $13.95

This book presents important customer service skills in a self-help workbook format.  For each skill studied, readers learn several "points to remember" for different customer service situations. Tools and exercises will help you to rate yourself, evaluate service examples, and test new knowledge.  A good, brief self-study guide you can easily finish.

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Customer Service Over the Phone, 5th edition, by Stephen Coscia, 132 pages, 1998, $20.95

This book is a concise guide filled with pearls of wisdom on delivery of phone-based service in stressful, difficult, and antagonistic situations.  Required reading for each and every front-line representative. Include a copy with your staff orientation materials.

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Delivering Legendary Customer Service: Seven Steps to Success, by Richard S. Gallagher, softcover, 203 pages, 2000, $19.95

Delivering Legendary Customer Service, Seven Steps to Success is your guide to creating the same great service experience as the world's customer service leaders, every single day, one day at a time.

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Knock Your Socks Off Answers by Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, 176 pages, 1995, $17.95

At many help desks, training is on-the-job and in the trenches where you earn your stripes and your battle scars.  In other words, learning the hard way.  With this book, any help desk rep can skip the pain.  Authors Anderson and Zemke have already packaged the perfect answer for every nightmarish question.  So, be kind to yourself and your reps -- make sure everyone has a copy of Knock Your Socks Off Answers.


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Help Desk Professional Certification Training
2-day training seminar plus certification exam

Learn about the help desk profession, the help desk's role in your organization, and just about everything on how to successfully communicate with callers. With a focus on communication skills, this seminar is perfect for new help desk professionals, experienced reps and entire help desk teams.  For a full agenda, dates and locations, and to register online, Click here for the detailed agenda!.

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