Customer Service Over the Phone

by Stephen Coscia, softcover, 132 pages, 1998, $20.95



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Satisfying customers and solving problems with a sense of urgency is imperative in today's fast-paced business climate.  Listening to customers' complaints, once considered a drain on resources, has become a marketing strategy for customer retention.  Managers looking to implement this new strategy may sense some apprehension among front line people because CSR's have to bear the brunt of the customers' anger and frustration.  The techniques in this book will help CSR's diffuse adverse situations, satisfy customer complaints, and increase customer retention.  Designed to meet the needs of CSR's faced with difficult customers and related stress, here's a desk-top guide that's succinct enough for even the busiest of reps.

Call center managers who know about Stephen Coscia's Customer Service Over the Phone give this small, easy-to-read book to all their agents.  Include a copy with your employees' orientation materials.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Avoiding obstacles
The truth in customer service
The service placebo
Using "I" instead of "you"
Accentuating the positive
Editorializing, errors, absolute extremes, and imperatives
The big rush off
Verbose customers
Using restraints, not retaliation

Chapter 2

Solving problems
Response time

Chapter 3

The contain process
Get there first with the most

Chapter 4

The qualify process
Asking the right questions
Separating the customer's problem from the customer's behavior

Chapter 5

The correct process
Your in-house system and your customer
Handling complaint letters
Handling letters from the better business bureau

Chapter 6

Handling the stress of customer service
Physical and emotional stressors
Stressors within your company
10 strategies for staying courteous under stress
Maintaining a resilient personality

Chapter 7

Recent changes in customer behavior
Why customers get upset
Rising expectations

Chapter 8

Customer service technology
The cost of technology
Fax on demand
Automated call distributor
Voice mail
Don't get seduced

Chapter 9

Where has customer service been and where is it going

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