Call Center Success: Essential Skills for CSR's

by Lloyd Finch, softcover, 120 pages, 2000, $13.95



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With the growth of e-commerce and tech support, the future for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) is bright. In a call center, the CSR is the voice of the organization. As the customer's primary contact, the CSR projects the company image and displays a critical role in building and maintaining customer relationships. This book will increase your understanding of the challenges, skills, and competencies you need to succeed in your position as a CSR. This easy-to-follow, interactive book will give you the foundation you need to flourish in this fast-paced, demanding industry. After going through it you will:

  • Handle calls professionally and effectively the first time
  • Understand the impact of your attitude
  • Use email, fax, and telephone to provide superior service
  • Deal with job stress, angry callers, and upset customers
  • Create a self-improvement plan for better service

Table of Contents

  1. The CSR - A Powerful Voice
    • The CSR's Valuable Role
    • First Impressions Count
    • The Call Center Challenge
    • The Quality Call
  2. Gaining the Professional Edge
    • Six Elements of Professionalism
    • Element 1: Manage the Customer Call
    • Element 2: Know Your Products and Services
    • Element 3: Be a Team Player
    • Element 4: Remain Customer Focused
    • Element 5: Take Responsibility
    • Element 6: Make a Commitment
  3. The All Important Customer
    • Recognizing the Customer's Style
    • Tailoring Your Responses
    • Guidelines for Analytical and Assertive Customers
    • Understanding Your Own Behavioral Style
    • Eight Customer Needs
  4. Building Your Communication Skills
    • Ten Essential Communication Skills
    • Skill 1: Listening Effectively
    • Skill 2: Extending Common Courtesy
    • Skill 3: Avoiding Statements that Give the Wrong Impression

    • Skill 4: Using the Customers Language
    • Skill 5: Gathering Customer Information
    • Skill 6: Satisfying the Angry Customer
    • Skill 7: Managing Technology
    • Skill 8: Writing Effective Email
    • Skill 9: Mental Scripting
    • Skill 10: Closing the Conversation
  5. Attitude - Your Most Important Asset
    • Shaping Your Attitude
    • Choosing a Positive Attitude
    • Impact of Stress on Your Attitude
    • The Call Center Workload
    • Avoiding Office Gossip and Drama
  6. A Plan for Self Improvement
    • Three Steps to Self Improvement
    • Step 1: Take Stock of Your Skills
    • Step 2: Define Your Objectives
    • Step 3: Develop Your Action Plan

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