A Career For The 21st Century: A Handbook for Call Center Agents

by Clifford Hurst, softcover, 73 pages, 2000, $12.95



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  • Are you ready to turn your job into a career?

  • Have you ever wanted to get more out of your customer service job than a paycheck?

  • Do you wonder about the bigger picture of a call center's operations and where you fit in?

  • Are you familiar with your industry's terms?

  • Do you want to be able to tell when you're doing an excellent job?

  • Do you want to become competent and confident in your new career as quickly as possible?

In this book you will find answers to these questions and much more. Reading A Career for the 21st Century is a good first step into a new career as a call center agent. An excellent resource for getting a quick overview of a call center's most important performance measures.

Table of Contents

  1. Tools of the Trade
    • Your Mind
    • Your Personality
    • Your Headset
    • Your Keyboard
    • Achieving Mastery
  2. Get Comfortable
    • Ergonomics
    • Your Sitting Posture
    • Your Hands
    • Why This is Important to You
    • Your Headset
    • Your Voice
    • Warm Up Before Going Live
    • Your Eyes
  3. It Pays to Pay Attention to Ergonomics
  4. Types of Call Centers
    • Inbound or Outbound
    • Sales or Service
    • B-to-B or B-to-C
    • In-House or Service Agency
    • Universal Agent
    • And More
  5. Terms to Know
    • Call Center Agent
    • ACD (Automatic Call Distributor)
    • Predictive Dialer
    • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
    • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    • Call Monitoring
    • Call Verification
    • Call Recording
  6. Call Center Stats
    • Workforce Management
    • Log-In Status
    • Talk Time
    • Wrap-Up Time
    • Idle Time
    • Not Available
    • Available
    • Average Handle Time
    • Occupancy
    • Utilization
  7. Inbound Stats
    • Call Volume
    • ASA
    • Maximum Delay
    • Abandoned Calls
    • Service Level
  8. Outbound Stats
    • Abandoned Calls and Nuisance Calls
    • Attempts
    • Right Party Contacts
    • Decision Maker Contacts
    • Conversion Rate
    • Sales Per Hour
  9. Brain Gym
  10. Glossary

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