Wake Up Your Call Center: How to Be a Better Call Center Agent

by Rosanne D'Ausilio, softcover, 113 pages, 1998, $59.95



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This book comes complete with practical thoughts and techniques for individuals working on the telephone with customers. With lively illustrations, this book covers such points as:

  • Reconciling mixed messages with quality
  • Awareness tips for fast talkers
  • Dealing with communication breakdown
  • Handling Conflict
  • Productive responses to stress
  • Hardening of the attitudes.... and much more

Table of Contents

The Noble CSR's Call to Excellence

  • The Service Imperative
  • How Call Centers Answer the Service Imperative
  • Challenges Facing Today's CSRs
  • The Training Imperative
  • A Special Tribute to Technical Support

Mixed Messages: Darned if You Do, Darned if You Don't

  • Quality, Quality!  But Hurry Up!!
  • All-In-One_call Handling vs. No Power
  • Follow the Script vs. Flow With the Customer
  • We Make No Exceptions vs. Egg on My Face

Going, Going, Going -- Gone South!

  • Hellomynameisrosannehowmayihelpyou?
    • Awareness Tips for Fast Talkers
    • Reminders to Breathe
  • What Do I Do When I Don't Know the Answer?
    • Truth or Consequences
    • Transferring Calls
  • What Do I Do When I'm Spacing Out?
    • Earth to Workstation
    • Staying Present on the Phone
  • What Do I Do When the Customer is Talking?
    • Non-verbal Attentiveness
    • Verbal Attentiveness
    • Five Levels of Listening
    • Listen, Acknowledge, Respond, Close
  • What Do I Do When I've Heard It All Before?
    • Constant Callers
    • Complaints
    • Hardening of the Attitudes
  • What Do I Do When I've Forgotten to Call the Customer Back?
    • Reframing Upset
    • Affirmations

Not One More Call, Please!  Handling Job Tension

  • Factors Heightening Job Tension
  • Nature's Own Tranquilizer
    • Comic Relief
    • Nursery Rhymes
    • Christmas Carols
  • Call Center Diseases
  • Relaxation Tricks

Help! I'm Stressed Out!

  • Unproductive Reactions to Stress
  • Distress-Resistant Formula
    • Optimal Lifestyle
    • Positive Attitude
    • Structured Action
  • Productive Responses to Stress

Why Can't You See What I'm Saying?

  • Causes of Communication Breakdown
  • Establishing Rapport... The Spirit of Service
  • Learning the Language of Service
    • Whom Are You Talking To?
    • What Language Are You Speaking?
  • Making Good Communication a Habit

How Do I Deal With the Calls From Hell?

  • War Stories
  • Conflict Management
    • C.A.R.E.
    • Problem-Solving Questions
    • Nine Ways to Reframe
  • After-Call Processes
  • Serenity Prayer

Thanks, You Made My Day!

  • Compliments -- To The Next Level
  • Great Calls -- Share, Share, Share
  • Clearing Meetings

Grab Bag of Additional Tidbits

  • Things to Do
    • Pre-recording Your Voice
    • Programming Positive Reminders
    • Raising Confidence
  • Inspirational Stories
    • Viewing Life
    • Accomplishment
    • Thinking of Yourself
  • Green Blood Stories
  • Closing Thoughts

Change: Disaster or Opportunity?

  • Addressing Myths About Change
  • Six Stages of Change
  • Nine Critical Change Processes

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