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Call Center and Help Desk Agent Motivation and Compensation Seminars and Books

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Managing Call Center People: Hiring Decisions to Performance Evaluation, online training course

In this seminar, experts deliver tips and techniques on recruiting, interviewing, turnover, training, monitoring, coaching, feedback, motivation, career development, employee satisfaction, and more. For details,

Monitoring and Coaching for Improved Call Center Performance, 2-day training seminar

Learn to design a program to improve agent performance, determine the best approach for monitoring, develop an effective monitoring form, positively affect agent performance, and bring out the best in every agent. For details,


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Agent Staffing And Retention Study Final Report
by Call Center Management Review, softcover, 24 pages, 2000, $79.95

This recent study provides you with insight and key data on agent staffing and retention practices and policies within 186 small, medium and large U.S. call centers.  In addition to the detailed findings, charts and tables highlighting key data, the Final Report includes verbatim written comments from the call center management respondents.

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Managing and Motivating Contact Center Employees
by Malcolm Carlaw,Peggy Carlaw,Vasudha K. Deming,and Kurt Friedmann, 297 pages, 2003, $34.95

This book was written to give you detailed advice for coaching your contact center agents to deliver outstanding service. Stay tuned!  In each chapter you'll find sound advice for managing and motivating your staff, and you'll also be given tools that you can use immediately in your day-to-day managerial functions.  Our objective in putting together this book was to give contact center managers not just knowledge that could eventually be turned into expertise, but rather an abundance of information and resources that directly deliver that expertise.  

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Call Center Agent Motivation and Compensation, Second Edition, by Brad Cleveland and Susan Hash, softcover, 184 pages, 2004, $16.95

This topical book concentrates on the four key factors for building  a positive, morale-boosting, growth-oriented call center environment; motivation, compensation, incentives and career paths. The articles presented here include ideas, recommendations, and tried-and-true processes for career progression programs, skills development, rewards programs, non-monetary incentives and an empowerment.

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Attracting and Rewarding Outstanding Employees, by David Rye, softcover, 188 pages, 2002, $12.95

This book is chock-full of information, ideas, and insights on how to attract, recruit, and retain employees.  You'll discover what constitutes an outstanding employee for your organization, and you'll also find guidance on what you can do to reward your employees and keep them perpetually motivated.

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