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Delivering Legendary Customer Service: Seven Steps to Success
by Richard S. Gallagher, softcover, 203 pages, 2000, $19.95



Excellent customer service isn't just an art - it is also a science. It goes far beyond human nature and a good attitude, into important communication, transaction and leadership skills that any business can put into practice. This groundbreaking book will give you a whole new perspective on excellent customer service and the factors that drive it.

Delivering Legendary Customer Service, Seven Steps to Success is your guide to creating the same great service experience as the world's customer service leaders, every single day, one day at a time. It looks at the best practices of legendary customer service in a step-by-step program that you can put right to work in your own organization:

  • Communicate with your customers

  • Create a quality service experience

  • Handle difficult situations with class

  • Manage a service-driven team

  • Learn how to execute

  • Turn your whole company into a customer service team

  • Take care of your most important customer

The seven steps in this book are a blueprint for building a total service culture, and gaining the market success and personal growth that come with it.

Table of Contents

Section I. Customer Skills

  • Communicate With Your Customer
  • Create a Quality Service Experience
  • Handle Difficult Situations With Class

Section II. Team Skills

  • Manage a Service-Driven Team
  • Learn How to Execute
  • Turn Your Whole Company Into a Customer Service Team

Section III.  Personal Skills

  • Take Care of Your Most Important Customer

Summary - Delivering Legendary Customer Service in Your Business

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