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Knock Your Socks Off Answers Solving Customer Nightmares and Soothing Nightmare Customers by Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, 142 pages, 1995, $17.95



For everybody who loved Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service, here's the sequel -- Knock Your Socks Off Answers, another addition to Zemke's best-selling series.  Is it hard to imagine delivering superior customer service with a confused or irate customer breathing down your neck?  The authors not only show how to maintain grace under fire, but actually give suggestions for fielding tough-as-nails customer questions...with aplomb.

This book contains some very good, very specific answers to some very nasty - as in hard-to-handle - customer questions, comments, and situations. Not just suggested answers baked up overnight, but answers accumulated from years of seminars, hours of dialogue with experts in the field, focus group research, and the life time experiences of two authors.

Table of Contents

  1. Pat Answers to Peevish Questions and Provocative Customer Comments

    • Why are you changing?  I liked it the old way!

    • What do you mean your price went up?

    • Why are you looking it up?  Don't you just know?

    • Why should I believe you?

    • What could you possibly know about this?

    • Don't you people keep records?  I did this already!

    • You're nice, but those other people...

    • I'm so stupid

    • Are you saved?

    • Three helpful phrases for all occasions

    • Twenty things you should never say to a customer

  2. Smart Answers to Even Tougher Questions

    • You're wrong!
    • I was here first.  Why aren't you helping me?
    • Do you have a brain, or what?
    • Sorry, hell!  Do something!
    • What do you want to have happen?  I'm going to tell you exactly what WILL happen.  First, you're going to...
    • What time is the three o'clock show?
    • But can't you just push a button?
    • Hello, hello?  Can't I talk to a real person?
    • How can I fill this out if I don't understand it?
    • What do you mean by "operator error"?
  3. Questions With No Easy Answers

    • What do you mean that's not covered by the warranty?
    • While you're at it, could you just...
    • But the check's in the mail!
    • Can't you make an exception to the rule?
    • Snow? Big deal!  Where's my paper?
    • Dog food is dog food, isn't it?
    • If you don't do exactly as I say, I'm going to take my business elsewhere
  4. Getting Service as Good as You Give: The Amazingly Simple Secret of the Ten-Second Connection

  5. Customers Say the Darnedest Things

    • Overcome by technology - high and low
    • Is there a doctor in the house -- or somebody?
    • Dollars and nonsense
    • Close encounters of the strangest kind
    • Thank you for sharing that...I think
    • Oh, never mind
    • The answer is blowing in the wind
    • Words escape us -- frequently

Appendix: Recommended Resources

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