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Call Center Management Training & Certification

Hands-On Call Center Management Certification Boot Camp
Instructor-led 5-day classroom course, or 7 half-day virtual course, includes certification exam

This revolutionary hands-on curriculum is perfect for both newly-assigned and experienced contact center managers. In one intensive week, participants will learn all major tactical management skills needed for day-to-day operation of a contact center.  The final day will be spent working on actual contact center projects, where each participant can work within the process area that will have the greatest impact on their contact center's process capability.

All topics covered in the Call Center Manager Training and Certification course (below) are covered in the Boot Camp curriculum.

Call Center Manager Training and Certification
Instructor-led 4-day classroom course, or 7 half-day virtual course, includes certification exam

This deep and detailed curriculum focuses on the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage small, mid-sized, new, or challenged call centers. The material covers tactical call center management responsibilities, from the most fundamental tasks of hiring, training, monitoring, coaching, maintaining morale, forecasting, scheduling, and using performance metrics; all the way through quality assurance, technology selection, cost management, strategy, leadership and more.

Call Center Supervisor Training

Contact Center Supervisor Training and Certification
Instructor-led 2-day on-site course, or 5 half-day virtual course, includes certification exam

This is the industry's most up-to-date training and certification program for call center supervisors. The v2.0 CCCS certification preparatory program trains supervisors in essential communication, leadership, and coaching skills, and presents best practices for agent training, motivation, retention, team building, performance measurement and evaluation.

Call Center Supervision Web-Based Certification Series
Virtual training series, 11 sessions

This online series of ninety-minute, live instructor-led courses is designed specifically for the specialized training needs of supervisory professionals and leaders that monitor and manage frontline agent performance.  In eleven targeted sessions, participants will learn best practices in staffing, workforce management, monitoring form design, agent monitoring and calibration, effective coaching techniques, and performance management.

Call Center Quality Management Training

Call Center Quality Assurance Certification Series
Virtual training series and certificate exam, 5 sessions (core) or 9 sessions (comprehensive)

This series of seven, ninety-minute online training courses is designed specifically for the specialized training needs of QA analysts and those supervisory professionals and leaders that influence service quality.  In seven targeted sessions, participants will learn best practices in satisfaction auditing, agent monitoring, monitoring form design and calibration, QA tools and technologies, and effective coaching and feedback techniques.

Call Center Financial Management Training

Financial Management for Call Center Professionals
6-part online self-study program

This course explores the concepts of revenue, total cost, budgets, costs-to-date, open commitment, and estimates to complete, not just from a reporting point of view, but as input for evaluation and decision making by call center managers and operations engineers.

Managing Call Center Telecom Costs
5-day training course and certification exam

This intensive, hands-on training course focuses on telecom expense management strategies for contact centers and other telecommunication- intensive environments. Specific strategies to integrate expense management options, budget management objectives and managing contracts as financial tools will be explored and discussed.

Call Center Design Training

Designing Six Sigma Support Centers
2-day training course

This training course covers proactive design approaches using Six Sigma centered methods.  Participants will learn to apply science, engineering tools, techniques, and methods that create an optimized, high performance support center.

Call Center Six Sigma Black Belt Masters Series
60-hour, 4-part training course series

This 80-hour series includes four training courses and culminates in two Six Sigma Black Belt certificates: Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Call Center Six Sigma Master Black Belt. This program is designed for management professionals who are pursuing break-through quality, performance optimization, and operational improvements for their contact centers. Achieve the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency in service engineering.  Don't miss this unusual opportunity to distinguish yourself in the workplace and propel your contact center to new levels.


Call Center Metrics Training

Call Center Metrics, Data Analysis and Reporting
3-day classroom course

This course is taught by James Abbott, the industrial and service engineer who literally wrote the book on the subject. The Executive Guide to Call Center Metrics is the most widely read book on contact center metrics, and the Call Center Metrics, Analytics and Reporting training course is a jaw-dropping learning experience, unlike any course you have ever attended.  You will not be overwhelmed with rules, formulas, tables, or unrealistic theories.  Instead, discover the proper tools to use at the right time, to the greatest impact, and practical, real-world knowledge for preparing useful metric information and a high-performance call center.

Intro to Contact Center Process Metrics
2-day training course

This training course will introduce attendees to the differences between process metrics that measure causes, and product metrics that measure outcomes, and how to use metrics and reports as useful management tools rather than historical report cards.

Call Center Performance Optimization Training

High Performance Contact Center Operations
2-day training course 

Whether you have an existing call center or are just setting one up, Next Generation Contact Center Operations Management will enable you to super-charge your contact center's operations.  Under the guidance of service engineering authority James Abbott, attendees will learn to apply basic principles necessary to run a call center or help desk operation at breakneck speed and efficiency.

Contact Center Service Engineering Certification Boot Camp
5-day training course and certification exam

Individuals attending this entry-level service engineering boot camp will return to their support centers with practical, real-world knowledge of how to prepare information for effective call management reporting and how to design call center processes to deliver the highest quality service with minimal wait times.  Attendees will be introduced to underlying concepts and practical applications of call center metrics, data analytics, reporting, Six Sigma design, and the mathematical and statistical bases for high-performance call center re-engineering.

Call Center Workforce Management Training

Call Center Workforce Management Training and Certification Boot Camp
3-day hands-on training program, includes certification exam

Come to this boot camp to learn in an environment where you use real-world workforce management tools, practice forecasting and scheduling tasks, network with peers, devise solutions to service level challenges, and earn your CWMP certification.  This course covers everything from the basics to optimization techniques you can use to reduce costs, improve service and performance levels, and manage the complexities of skill-based routing, blended inbound and outbound calling, and multi-channel contacts like email and chat.

Introduction to Workforce Management: Forecasting & Scheduling
2-day training course

The training is designed around case study problems that cover typical forecasting and scheduling scenarios, as well as complications in today's environment such as skill-based routing, handling of other media contacts such as email and text chats, and staffing for a mixture of inbound/outbound calling.

Call Center Workforce Management
Virtual training series, 5 sessions (core) or 11 sessions (comprehensive)

This online series of ninety-minute, live instructor-led courses is designed for management professionals and leaders responsible for call center staffing. Learn best practices in forecasting workload, balancing staffing costs and service tradeoffs, scheduling, managing intra-day service levels, and ensuring agent attendance and adherence. Attend a five-session core program or a comprehensive eleven-part program covering everything from the very basics to more advanced techniques for fine-tuning workload predictions, coverage and effectiveness.

Call Center Executive Leadership Training

Contact Center Director Training and Certification
2-day training course, includes and certification exam

Using expert content, in-class discussion, peer networking, idea-sharing, and case study exercises, contact center leaders will explore key factors in strategic call center business design and performance management.  You will learn how to analyze service needs, and coordinate your call center's capabilities with standard operating procedures and metric scorecard monitoring.  Learn the science of customer perception, and how leaders create a proper culture to drive agent commitment and quality behaviors that customers expect.  See how and where performance gains occur, how to select and derive meaningful information from metrics, and how to structure your center as a cohesive business with best practice processes throughout.