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Sustaining Knock Your Socks Off Service
by Ron Zemke and Tom Connellan, softcover, 150 pages, 1993, $17.95



Powerful strategies for "keeping up the good work."

Ron Zemke shook up the service industry with his two bestselling books on delivering and managing "knock your socks off service." Now he's doing it again with Sustaining Knock Your Socks Off Service. In it, Zemke tells how companies can successfully hang on to the results of their first "gold rush" toward service quality.

Zemke and co-author Tom Connellan set up an easy-to-grasp framework of what it takes to sustain quality initiatives, describe exactly what techniques are needed to make them a reality, and supply vivid examples of the techniques in action. They offer powerful strategies while tackling issues such as:

  • Why so many service initiatives fizzle out -- and how to make them permanent

  • Why "roller-coaster" performance develops and how to cure it

  • How to shorten dramatically the learning curve for service quality behavior

  • How to make continuous improvement a permanent part of corporate culture

Table of Contents

  1. The Case for Service Quality
  2. The High Cost of Losing Customers
  3. What Can Go Wrong
  4. The Dangerous Dozen Distractions
  5. The Five Elements of a Service System
  6. Putting Systems Results in Perspective
  7. Determining Performance Indicators and Setting Realistic Goals
  8. Allocating Resources to Meet Customer Priorities
  9. Service Behavior That Makes a Difference
  10. Pinpointing High-Impact Behavior
  11. Training for Lasting Service Quality
  12. The Importance of Informational Feedback
  13. The ABC's of Knock Your Socks Off Service
  14. Stacking Up the Positives
  15. Economic Monetary Reinforcers
  16. Economic Nonmonetary Reinforcers
  17. Noneconomic Tangible Reinforcers
  18. Noneconomic Intangible Reinforcers
  19. The Nine Principles of Day-to-Day Reinforcement
  20. Developmental Feedback: Addressing Issues of Nonperformance
  21. Bringing It All Together

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