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Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service, Revised Edition
by Ron Zemke and Kristin Anderson, softcover, 149 pages, 1998, $18.95



This bright and breezy service primer has proven itself a big hit with front-line service providers and service managers alike!  For the nearly 80% of America’s workforce that provides service, this friendly tool makes sure the "good service" message gets across loud and clear.  Using anecdotes, cartoons, and checklists the book make its point:

"As far as customers are concerned you are the company.  This is not a burden, but the core of your job.  You hold in your hands the power to keep customers coming back -- perhaps even to make or break the company."

With a mix of inspiration and concrete techniques readers can put to use the very day they get it, the book shows how to:

  • Use the power of listening to help customers

  • Use words effectively -- to soothe, reassure, and communicate

  • Personalize service without getting emotionally involved

  • Master the Art of Calm

  • Make service more than just "being nice" and really deliver tangible benefits to the customer

The second edition is completely updated and includes new information on: e-mail, telephone tact, voice mail, chronic complainers, service recovery, problem solving, and managing the "customer from hell"!

Table of Contents

  1. The Only Unbreakable Rule: To the Customer, You Are the Company
  2. Know What Knock Your Socks Off Service Is
  3. Knock Your Socks Off Service Is: Reliable
  4. Knock Your Socks Off Service Is: Responsive
  5. Knock Your Socks Off Service Is: Reassuring
  6. Knock Your Socks Off Service Is: Empathetic
  7. Knock Your Socks Off Service Is: Tangibles
  8. Customers Are Everywhere -- Inside and Out
  9. The Ten Deadly Sins of Customer Service
  10. The Customer Is Always... The Customer
  11. Honesty Is the Only Policy
  12. All Rules Were Meant to Be Broken (Including This One)
  13. Do the Right Thing... Regardless
  14. Listening Is a Skill -- Use It
  15. Ask Intelligent Questions
  16. Winning Words and Soothing Phrases
  17. Facts for Face-to-Face
  18. Tips for Telephone Talk
  19. Putting Pen to Paper or Fingers to Keyboard
  20. Exceptional Service Is in the Details
  21. Good Selling Is Good Service -- Good Service Is Good Selling
  22. Never Underestimate the Value of a Sincere Thank-You
  23. Be a Fantastic Fixer
  24. Use the Well-Placed "I'm Sorry"
  25. Fix the Person
  26. Fair-Fix the Problem
  27. Customers From Hell Are Customers Too
  28. Master the Art of Calm
  29. Keep It Professional
  30. The Competence Principle: Always Be Learning
  31. Party Hearty

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