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E-Support: How Cisco Systems Saves Millions While Improving Customer Support, by Andrew Connan, Vincent Russell, softcover, 204 pages, $24.95



To keep pace with the growing need to provide solutions and support to their customers, many companies have built extensive phone-based customer support departments.  The investment can be staggering - large expenses on personnel, training, computers, and other support technologies.  Demand for phone-based support fluctuates drastically, leaving these assets unused for hours at a time and still leaving customers dissatisfied.

E-support is a self-service, Web-based approach to providing solutions for customers.  It helps support organizations scale to handle more customers per support resource, accommodate dynamic shifts in demand, and enable customers to identify and solve many of their routine problems.  

Cisco's e-support system, known as TAC Web, has benefits for both Cisco and its customers: 

  • Customers save time because they don't have to wait on hold
  • Customers are empowered, finding solutions to many of their problems
  • Cisco Systems saves hundreds of millions of dollars in customer-support costs
  • TAC Web content solves over 150,000 customer issues per month that would otherwise have gone to phone-based support

Cisco has built a very successful e-support system.  In E-Support, the experts who built and run TAC Web tell you exactly how they do it.

Learn what e-support is and how it can help your business.  This book consists of non-technical, conversational, and easy-to-read interviews with the experts.  Setting up an e-support system isn't cheap or simple, but you can use this book's information as a guide to setting up a successful e-support system, or improving the one you have.

Table of Contents

  1. Visual Tour of Cisco's TAC Web Site
  2. Assessing, Planning, Building, and Managing the TAC Web
  3. TAC Workflow and the TAC Case Open Tool
  4. TAC Web Mission, Vision, and Lissons Learned
  5. Site Architecture
  6. TAC Web Marketing
  7. Metrics
  8. Competitive Analysis
  9. Content Matched to Customer Needs
  10. User Interface Design
  11. User Communities
  12. TAC Web SMEs
  13. TAC Web Tools
  14. TAC Web Technical Writers

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