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Knock Your Socks Off Service Recovery by Ron Zemke and Chip Bell, 214 pages, 2000, $17.95



Witty and easy to read, this book shows how to apply vital coaching skills in customer service arena.

Even with great service, there's an occasional slip-up.  A product breaks... a reservation is lost... the fix didn't. Saying "Oops, sorry!" just doesn't cut it.  Without top-notch service recovery, you lose customers you worked so hard to acquire.  And that leads to negative word-of-mouth, lost income,and even bigger bucks spent on replacing those lost customers.

This handbook is your game plan for a fail-safe service recovery operation.  With the front line savvy and good humor that marks the entire Knock Your Socks Off Service series, customer service gurus Ron Zemke and Chip Bell show you how to:

  • Convince your boss that a good service recovery system more than pays for itself
  • Set up policies, processes, and technologies for problem resolution
  • Train service reps and other front-liners to deal successfully with real-time upset customers
  • Analyze problems to stop them from happening again
  • Turn mad-as-hell customers into your most loyal advocates
  • Lead and sustain you organization's recovery efforts

Start with the assessment test that reveals your current level of service recovery readiness.  Implement the authors' highly flexible and easy-to-learn, but very robust, recovery system developed during 15 years of field work.  And turn to the Hip-Pocket Toolkit whenever you need quick answers.

You've now got a blueprint for transforming scattershot responses into a planned recovery process - one that retains customers, generates new ones, and gives you an incredible competitive advantage in the bargain.

Table of Contents

Dollars and Sense Service Recovery

  • The economics of service recovery
  • Using proactive recovery to rescue at-risk customers
  • Reactivation: The recovery of lost "souls"
  • The Psychology of recovery: Inside the mind of a broken customer

The Service Recovery Process

  • Service recovery: the process
  • The axioms of elegant service recovery
  • Recovery and internet/e-commerce
  • Creating a service recovery system

Creating a Strategic Service Recovery System

  • Creating consistent solutions: The solution space approach
  • Apology to atonement: The anatomy of a great grovel
  • Recovering from recovery: Turning spendthrifts into "passionate pragmatists"
  • Crisis intervention

Leading Service Recovery

  • Find and retain good people
  • Train and coach
  • Involve and empower: The healing magic of responsible freedom
  • Reward and recognize great recovery
  • Support and inspire performance and persistence

The Service Recovery Toolkit

  • A rage apart: Recovery and the customer from hell
  • Winning words and helpful phrases
  • Recovery on the phone
  • When and how to fire a customer

Appendix: How Ready Are You for Knock Your Socks Off Service Recovery When Things Go Wrong for Customers?

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