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Coaching Knock Your Socks Off Service by Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, 176 pages, 1996, $18.95



Witty and easy to read, this book shows how to apply vital coaching skills in customer service arena.

Knock your socks off service doesn’t just happen.  It requires coaching on an ongoing basis.  Now, thanks to authors Kristin Anderson and Ron Zemke, supervisors have a practical guide to the day-to-day challenges that arise in training superior customer service people.

This book explains how to help front-line employees hone their skills, maintain the motivation to perform, and meet new situations head on. The authors present a model for successfully coaching anyone, anywhere, and they show readers how to apply it in familiar coaching situations.

Everyone can appreciate Zemke and Anderson’s strategies for handling the toughest coaching problems. And they will learn a most important new skill -- teaching employees to be peer coaches, a growing need in the current era of teams and of ‘doing more with less.’

Table of Contents

Introduction: The World of the Customer Service Coach

  1. Thinking and Acting Like a Coach

  2. Skills of the Knock Your Socks Off Service Coach

  3. "Welcome to the Team!" Coaching the New Employee

  4. "Nice Job, Charlene!" Coaching for High Performance

  5. "Can I Help?" Coaching on the Run

  6. "Help! I'm Stumped." Coaching the Unsure Employee

  7. "This Could Be Tricky." Coaching for Difficult Duty

  8. "Great Opportunity, Charlie!" Coaching for Special Situations

  9. The Coach's Nasty Nine

  10. "Can We Talk?" Peer Coaching

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