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Listening to the Voice of the Customer: 16 steps to a successful customer satisfaction measurement program, by Jon Anton & Debra Perkins, 8-1/2" x 11" softcover, 152 pages, 1997, $49.95



This how-to manual takes you step-by-step through the design, implementation and analysis of a customer satisfaction measurement program.  The books 16 chapters are organized in logical sequence for setting up a complete program, with information on:

  • How to select the best survey method.  Includes the pros, cons and costs of telephone, computer, mail and in-person interviews.
  • How to select the right sample size for your survey.  Understanding biases in samples and how to avoid them for truly significant results.
  • How to increase your survey response rates: survey methods, timing, incentives and more.
  • How to survey large and small customer bases for accurate results.
  • How to write survey questions that will get you meaningful results.  With examples of survey scales and formats which you can adapt to your own work.
  • How to design a survey questionnaire which is easy to read and use.  With guidelines on questionnaire length, placement of specific types of questions, and writing an effective cover letter or script.
  • How to implement your survey.  Includes data gathering, coding and data entry techniques.
  • How to analyze your survey results and accurately compare data gathered over time.
  • How to produce actionable reports based on your findings.

Listening to the Voice of the Customer will show you how to develop a customer satisfaction measurement program which provides actionable information to help your organization become truly customer-focused.  Throughout the book you'll find very specific tips and advice based on the authors' work developing and implementing customer satisfaction measurement programs.

Whether you're new to customer satisfaction measurement or have a program in place you'll find Listening to the Voice of the Customer an invaluable resource.

Table of Contents

  1. Focusing on customer satisfaction in the new economy
  2. Making the case for a customer satisfaction surveying program: linking surveys to the bottom line
  3. The foundation concepts of customer satisfaction surveying
  4. Gathering the tools: hardware, software, and staff
  5. Clarity of vision: setting measurement goals and objectives
  6. Attribute scan: understanding the attributes that are key to customer satisfaction
  7. Sampling decisions and surveying issues: selecting the right sample size and avoiding biases
  8. Survey method and data collection issues: selecting the best survey method
  9. How to write a survey: an introduction to the major types of survey scales with question writing guidelines
  10. How to design a survey: creating attractive, easy-to-use survey forms
  11. Implementing a survey: data gathering and entry, training for data collection
  12. Introduction to analysis: survey error, measures of central tendency, statistical and substantive significance
  13. Explanation and application of the major types of analysis: univariate, bivariate and multivariate analysis techniques
  14. Reporting the results: producing actionable reports in both written and oral form
  15. Taking action: strategies for gaining buy-in at all levels
  16. Continuous improvement: maintaining the momentum of your program

Glossary of terms
Plus 45 charts, graphs and tables

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