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The Call Center Handbook, 5th edition: The Complete Guide to Starting, Running, and Improving Your Call Center
by Keith Dawson, softcover, 382 pages, 2004, $44.95



While many call center guides take a soup-to-nuts approach to help desk issues, this edition stands out from the crowd. Keith Dawson's Call Center Handbook presents the most comprehensive coverage of call center technology that we've seen yet. Just glance through the table of contents and you'll see what we mean: skill-based routing, ACD's, the Web, speech recognition, CRM tools, monitoring systems, headsets, readerboards, IVR, predictive dialers, voice processing, computer telephony integration, help desk software, workforce management software, telecommuting, telemarketing... and the list goes on. No call center manager today can afford to be without this guide to the technologies and techniques that have made call centers a billion dollar industry.

Table of Contents

  1. The Physical Center
    • How call centers evolve, or, how to start putting your call center into perspective
    • Destination call center
    • Facilities and design
  2. Routing Calls: Switches & Hardware Systems
    • Toll free and long distance services
    • The ACD
    • Outdialing systems
    • Computer telephony
    • Voice processing fundamentals
  3. The Front End
    • Interactive voice response
    • Speech recognition
    • The web and call centers
    • The fallacy of email
    • Giving video a second look
  4. Making Sense of the Call
    • More on computer telephony
    • Skills-based routing
    • Customer relationship management
    • Order processing
  5. Critical Peripherals
    • Readerboards and display technologies
    • Headsets
    • On-hold messaging
  6. Management & Operations
    • Workforce management software
    • Monitoring systems
    • Making call center careers meaningful
    • Surefire ways to motivate your reps
    • Realizing the value of the front line
  7. Outside the Call Center
    • Outsourcing
    • Disaster & Contingency planning
    • Telecommunicating agents
    • Self-service and self-delusion: a final word

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