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Building Relationships With Key Accounts, by Earl Naumann, VHS video tape, 39 minutes run time, includes 1 workbook, $199



Virtually all businesses have a core group of customers or key accounts. Many firms assume that a salesperson or account representative has responsibility for developing a good relationship with these important customers. Unfortunately, many employees lack the motivation, skills, or training to develop lasting relationships.  

To overcome this reality, this training video presents a structured, well-organized approach to relationship development. The approach blends the concepts of customer satisfaction surveys, personal interviews, team site visits, and process improvement. By using this approach, both the customer and vendor are more satisfied, better communication is achieved, and more detailed customer input is captured to drive customized process improvement. And perhaps most important, the relationship development extends well beyond the capability of any one person, and is built into the organizational memory.

Table of Contents

A Planned Approach to Relationships

  • Understand how the structure, culture, and environment of key customers influences relationships
  • Discover how relationship building promotes process improvement in your company

Identify Key Customers

  • Determine the number of key accounts within your customer base
  • Learn how to get senior management involved
  • Learn how to pilot the process then roll it out

Creating the Structure

  • Identify key performance indicators used by the customer
  • Learn how to design an appropriate customer questionnaire

Training the Team

  • Identify the best team members in your company for building key account relationships
  • Train your team on customer interviewing and fact finding techniques

Conducting the Customer Interview

  • Understand the dynamics of capturing the data
  • Define corrective action and get commitment from the customer and the process owners

Develop Action Plans

  • Link financial results to relationship development
  • Communicate results within your organization and to the customer

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