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This training course is ideal for understanding customer relationship management strategy, whether you are brand new to the concept and just looking to learn enough to intelligently discuss CRM.  Executive and managers implementing a customer relationship management program will also benefit from it. After attending this information-packed one-day seminar, you will gain knowledge and understanding of the latest strategies that can lead to a profitable CRM philosophy for your company. You will return to work with a clear understanding of what customer relationship management is, and what is required for you to develop, implement, and improve an effective CRM program in your own organization.

This seminar will cover such topics as:

  • Why CRM is essential to the future of your company
  • What is required to make CRM a success
  • How to build a cohesive CRM team
  • CRM technology you will require now and in the future
  • Obstacles to implementing CRM and how to avoid them
  • How to reshape your organization into one that embraces a value-added CRM philosophy
  • And much more


What is CRM?

  • The definition of CRM
  • Beyond hardware and software
  • Linking functions, processes, and people in your company
  • Building a relationship with the customer
    • Tools
    • Knowledge
    • Understanding

The CRM Life Cycle and its Impact

  • Understanding life cycle management and its role in today's rapidly changing world
  • Taking advantage of new ventures, products, and processes
  • The impact a life cycle can have on your business
    • Decision-making
    • Operations
    • Product
    • Facilities
    • Careers
  • CRM's role in staying ahead of the life cycle curve

Tools Required to Support Your CRM Program

  • Technology
    • Using technology to maximize the benefits derived from customer relationships
    • Hardware and software
    • Technologies in use today
    • The technologies of tomorrow
  • People
    • Executing a CRM plan
    • Assuring a positive customer experience
    • How employees can maximize the customer's positive experience
    • How to support employees operating in a CRM work environment
  • Structure
    • The foundations of CRM
      • Orderliness
      • Processes
      • Metrics
    • Ensuring that the business functions smoothly for both employees and customers
    • Understanding the business
      • Customers
      • Products
      • Process segmentation
    • How to communicate within the organization to ensure that people function as a cohesive team
    • Metrics for monitoring and assessing the business and customer relationships

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

  • Obstacles and pitfalls on the road to successful CRM
  • The importance of clarity in a CRM program
  • Crucial elements of success
    • Roles
    • Responsibilities
    • Decision-making
    • Goal setting
  • How to build a CRM team that includes everyone in the organization

Integrated Implementation Strategy

  • The ultimate challenge
  • Putting all the pieces together
  • Strategies for making CRM philosophy profitable

Registration Fees
The per student registration fee for this 1-day seminar is $995, and includes the seminar, course materials, and refreshments. Dress is business casual. Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM .

To register, click on the "Book Now" button or please call (708) 246-0320

Seminar Schedule
July 25, '11 Greenville, SC Westin Poinsett (Location Information)
Dec 13, '11 Greenville, SC Westin Poinsett (Location Information)

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Payment is due prior to the seminar, including payment on purchase orders.  If payment is not received, a credit card hold will be required for participation.  This card will only be processed if payment has not been received within two weeks following the conference.

Cancellation Policy.  Registrants may cancel up to ten business days in advance of the seminar start date for a full refund, less administrative fees of $300.  Or, you may transfer your registration to another date or member of your company at no additional charge.  Please notify us as soon as possible. Registrants cancelling within fourteen days of the seminar will receive credit, less administrative fees of $300, toward any other Resource Center seminar.  In the unlikely event that a seminar must be cancelled, you will be notified at least one week prior to the seminar date. Seminar provider is not responsible for losses due to cancellation including losses on advanced purchase airfares.

Agenda, course dates, and locations are subject to change.


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