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Customer Support Performance Measurement, Metrics, and Benchmarking Seminars and Books

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  • Call Center Management 


Call Center Metrics, Analytics, & Reporting, 3-day seminar

The discipline of performance management through metrics goes far beyond Erlang and traffic formulas, KPIs, and costing metrics that report acceptable or unacceptable results.  In this introductory metrics course, you will learn to construct metrics that identify the causes of problems and generate solutions that will change the results.  If you need to cut your center's average wait time in half, attend this course. You will be awe-struck. For details,

Call Center Metrics: Tactical Uses That Drive Performance, 2-day seminar

This call center management training course will help you to sort through the maze of call center data in order to determine the metrics that drive success in your call center.  You will be able to identify what should be measured, why it should be measured and how to collect the data that counts. For details,


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How to Conduct a Call Center Performance Audit: A to Z
by Jon Anton and Dru Phelps, 227 pages, 2002, $34.99

The site audit or assessment of a call center is a comprehensive evaluation of every functional element of a call center including the people, hardware, software, standards, workflow processes, procedures, policies, operations and, of course, customer service.  If you are an internal professional or external consultant, this book will walk you through the team requirements and tools to perform an on-site audit of a call center.

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Call Center Benchmarking: How Good is "Good Enough"?
by Jon Anton & David Gustin, 84 pages, 2000, $43.95

Benchmarking can be effective at every level within your organization.  But, today's companies have an ever increasing amount of data available to them, and it can be very difficult to see the forest for the trees.  This little book focuses on how to selectively choose areas within your call center that, through benchmarking, you can maintain your call center's competitive advantage in your industry.

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Call Center Performance Enhancement: Using Simulation & Modeling by Jon Anton, Vivek Bapat, & Bill Hall, softcover, 134 pages, $48.95

When optimizing call center performance, using Erlang tables to balance scheduling and service level is just the tip of the iceberg. What tools are available to help you determine when to consolidate multiple call centers?  Or how to handle call overflow?  Or how to respond to web-based inquiries and their impact on inbound call volumes?  The next step beyond running calculations is running simulations.  This book will show you what it's all about.

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The Help Desk Contribution to Corporate Benchmarking by Jerry Mirelli, softcover, 25 pages, $12.95

This book will help you understand what benchmarking is, how it benefits the organization, and the role the help desk plays in the process.

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