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CRM Strategies Seminar

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Customer Driven Process Improvement
by Earl Naumann, VHS video tape, 1 hour 20 minutes run time, 1 workbook, $199



The ultimate success of a business is dependent on its ability to align both internal and external processes to deliver good value to the customer. While many companies claim to do just that, all too often it really isn't happening -- usually because customer perception data has not been gathered at all, or has been gathered incorrectly or unintentionally biased by the researchers.  Even when data is correctly gathered, some companies fail to reap the benefits of the research, either through lack of process implementation, or a failure to quantify results in the dollar terms management is looking for.

In viewing this video, you will learn how to set goals and strategic directions, and implement change, based on your customers' input.

Table of Contents

Strategic Directions

  • Examine the linkage of transaction surveys to value models
  • Identify and flowchart the critical processes
  • Select the best processes

Goals and Objectives

  • Learn how to drive process improvement
  • Find out how involvement increases buy-in

Capturing the Voice of the Customer and Research Design

  • Determine the customer's attributes
  • Determine correct sample sizes
  • Explore research methodologies and design issues

Designing the Questionnaire

  • Learn the four types of questions
  • Recognize and implement questionnaire guidelines

Communicating and Using the Data

  • Determine how to feed the data to teams and develop action plans
  • Understand how to measure on-going process improvements

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