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Books on Help Desk Management

The best the industry has to offer in help desk management reading, plus two special selections: The Help Desk Library Sampler, and the Complete Help Desk Management Library.
Call Center Management Resources

Books, tools, training videos, and seminars on call center planning, metrics, performance, forecasting and scheduling, ROI, and more.
Contact Center Technology

Books and training seminars on call center technologies and how to select them (including a special seminar on IVR dialogue design).
Online Customer Service & Support

The only collection of its kind: All available resources addressing web-based customer service and support. Includes up-to-date reports on what the rest of the undustry is doing, too.
Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Introductory reading to advanced satisfaction measurement techniques. This collection of customer satisfaction books, sample surveys, videos, newsletters, and training seminars is unrivaled. Includes two Library collections.
Knock Your Socks Off Service

The complete selection of Ron Zemke's legendary books on delivering top-notch service. Includes a special discount on the entire series.
Help Desk Institute's Focus Book Series

Quick-read books on 36 of the most pressing help desk topics. Available individually or as a set. The collection makes a great reference for anyone managing or working at a help desk.
Telecom Books

A growing list of today's most popular books on telecommunications subjects, from the most basic to most advanced.  If you don't find it here, you probably won't find it.
Communication Skills

These affordable desktop references, for reps and analysts that provide customer service over the phone, can be purchase separately or as a set.
Call Center Monitoring Resources

The most up-to-date information and guidance available on call center monitoring practices and techniques.  This collection includes a binder of sample monitoring forms.
Customer Relationship Management

These books and timely training videos cover basic CRM definitions to implementation and relationship-building techniques.   Also listed is one of the industry's most popular courses on customer relationship management, CRM Strategies.
Technical Support

This is a special collection of training seminars, professional certification courses, and books that were all designed and developed to meet the unique needs of analysts that provide technical guidance over the phone or deskside.
Agent Hiring, Training, and Retention

This catalog contains hard to find materials on how to find and keep the very best customer service people.
Call Center Monitoring

Here you will find sample monitoring forms for multiple industries, books on monitoring techniques, and industry reports that explain how other successful companies monitor call center quality.  Items may be purchased separately or together as a library.

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