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Knock Your Socks Off Service on the Phone by Ron Zemke, 2 audio-cassettes and 113-page workbook, 2 multiple-choice tests, 1998, $89.95, 2 CEU's awarded upon successful completion



In two witty, fast moving cassette tapes packed with winning tips and techniques - and featuring a wide range of personalities - Ron Zemke shows you how to be simply great on the telephone. With a detailed, interactive workbook to support your learning, Knock Your Socks Off Service on the Phone gives you the confidence and ability to:

  • Develop your own phone personality

  • Tame the technology in your telephone

  • Avoid the pitfalls of taking messages, transferring calls, and other basics

  • Handle phone stress and stressful calls

  • Sell on the phone

  • Create a personal action plan to continuously improve your telephone performance

Practical exercises and real-world examples continue to reinforce your learning and "nail down" the powerful techniques that will multiply your telephone effectiveness many times over.

Table of Contents

  • About this course

  • How to take this course

  • Pre-test

  • Introduction

1.  Effective Telephone Communications

  • The communication process

  • Gathering telephone information

2. Fabulous Fundamentals

  • Your company's telephone policies

  • Developing an effective greeting

  • Treating the customer right

  • Keeping your feet on the floor -- and out of your mouth

  • The telephone and you

  • The art of effective transfers

  • Taking complete messages

  • Lost in space -- using hold

  • Telephone effectiveness checklist

3. Mastering Technology

  • Changes in telephone technology

  • But I don't use call screening!

  • Creating a call screening guide

  • Multiple phone lines

  • Conference calls

  • Developing your voice mail script

  • Speaker phones, pagers, and beepers

4. Making a great impression

  • Your phone voice

  • Vocal personality

  • Improving your telephone personality

  • Are you listening?

  • Your call planning guide

5. Successful selling

  • I'm in sales?

  • Sales call scripting

  • Telephone prospecting score sheet

  • Asking questions

  • Good job!

6. Personal Productivity

  • Physical stress

  • Mental visualization

  • Saying no -- positively

  • Ending the endless phone call -- gracefully

  • Managing personal calls -- respectfully

7. When It's the Worst: Irate Callers

  • Dealing with irate callers

  • Who is your backup?

  • Building contractual trust

  • The no-fun five

8. Personal Action Planning

  • Personal action plan

  • Lifelong learning

  • The action plan worksheet

  • Bibliography

  • Post-test

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