Designing Effective Questionnaires
3-day training seminar, $2,925


This hands-on training course is ideal for individuals charged with the task of creating an effective survey instrument for gathering respondent data, including customer satisfaction data. In this 3-day training seminar participants will learn:

  • How to avoid the common pitfalls in writing questionnaires for in-person, phone, web and mobile surveys.
  • How to plan and flowchart a questionnaire to guide the overall logic and enhance the survy taking experience.
  • How to phrase questions; when to use open-ended and closed-ended questions and how to choose the most appropriate rating, ranking, multiple choice, check-list or other approaches.
  • How to phrase difficult questions dealing with memory, knowledge and sensitive subjects and how to measure the importance of product attributes.
  • How to administer questionnaires to substantially improve response rates and improve the quality of your results by incorporating some of the industry's best practices and learnings based on R&D examples and case studies.
  • How to bring all the learning together in a team based workshop designing an online questionnaire.


Questionnaire Construction in Marketing Research

  • The role of questionnaires in marketing research
  • A workshop on survey writing
  • Common problems in questionnaire construction and administration
  • Basic principles of questionnaire design
  • Understanding your role in the pro
  • Questionnaire construction framework
  • Determining data needs

Selecting and Recruiting Survey Respondents

  • Decisions in selecting a sample
  • Online panels
  • Achieving a balanced panel
  • Professional panelists
  • Non-response error
  • A comparison of panel quality
  • Inviting sample participants
  • Using incentives

Methods of Survey Administration

  • Data collection methods
  • Multimode data collection
  • Mobile data colection and micro surveys
  • Chunking surveys
  • Intentional quantitative mobile
  • Mobile research case studies
  • Intentional vs. unintentional mobile research

Organizing a Survey

  • Questionnaire construction framework
  • Flowcharting a survey
  • Determining question order
  • Writing screener questions
  • Writing survey instructions
  • Workshop on survey instructions
  • Checking the questionnaire
  • Pretesting the questionnaire

Content of Marketing Research Survey Questions

  • History questions:  What can consumers remember?
  • Asking knowledge questions
  • Asking sensitive questions
  • Measuring perceptions and attitudes
  • Asking about future intentions
  • Asking importance: direct and indirect methods

Types of Questions

  • Online research best practices do's and don'ts
  • Deciding on the best type of questions to use
  • Open-ended vs.closed ended questions
  • Online questions types
  • Issues when writing dichotomous questions
  • Issues when writing multiple choice questions
  • Prohibiting backward navigation on surveys

Issues With Wording Questions

  • Checklist for quality questions
  • Mini workshop on improving question wording
  • Checklist for choosing words
  • Checklist for phrasing questions
  • Asking demographic questions
  • A review of participants' surveys

Workshops on Writing Surveys

  • A workshop on improving clarity and usefulness of survey questions
  • A workshop on cleaning up a flawed survey
  • A workshop on rewriting and pretesting a flawed question

Nature of Data

  • Understanding different levels of measurement
  • Key considerations in scale selection
  • Types of scales
  • Single-item vs. multple-item scales
  • Psychographics
  • Key decisions in using rating scales
  • Checklists for choosing the right scales
  • What is binary imputation?
  • Changing rating scales

Advanced Survey Design

  • How much attention do respondents pay to survey questions?
  • A comparison of data quality from 21 different panel providers
  • Does the type of question used impact the attention paid to surveys?
  • Can survey takers be influenced to pay more attention?
  • Do obvious trap questions improve data quality?
  • Online survey length effects
  • How to keep people engaged in long surveys
  • Gamification of research
  • Prediction markets in marketing research

Workshop:  Creating a Questionnaire

Concluding Remarks

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What some past attendees say...

"Excellent. Review/explanation of nuts and bolts of questionnaire design will stay with me for my entire career. A notebook I will always refer to. Reviewed all aspects completely."
--Business Development Coordinator, C.R. Bard

"One of the most valuable seminars I ever attended - got my money's worth and more. Seminar very applicable to what I do on the job and was presented in a dynamic way, information packed. Workbook extremely helpful. I appreciate (the speaker) taking extra time before and after the seminar to work with us regarding specific needs/questions."
--Scientist, Kimberly-Clark

"This seminar was incredibly useful in the sense that it spelled out basic principles that are not explained thoroughly on the job." --Research Associate, Mathew Greenwald & Associates

"Very good and useful, on the first day I already put some of the learnings to use. . . would definitely recommend to other colleagues."
--Market Research Analyst, Sanofi-Synthelabo

"Excellent! The information provided by the speaker and the content in the book was very informative and helpful. Just what I needed to reinforce and learn about designing questionnaires."
--Research Analyst, Armstrong World Industries

"This was an excellent seminar. I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much. The (seminar leader) is a great instructor- it's always a pleasure learning from someone who clearly loves to teach. He made everything so understandable. I will definitely be able to use what I learned to enhance my performance on the job." --Senior Analyst, The Home Depot

"I was amazed at the amount of material that was able to be covered in a three day period. It was covered thoroughly without feeling rushed."
--Consumer Research Associate, Miller Brewing Company


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The per student registration fee for this seminar is $2,925 and includes the seminar, course materials, refreshments, and continental breakfast. Class begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m. on the first two days and 8:30 to 4:30 p.m. on the last day.

Register securely online with confidence or please call (708) 246-0320.

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