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Guide to Customer Surveys: Sample Questionnaires and Detailed Guidelines for Creating Effective Surveys by Trevor M. Spunt, 8-1/2" x 11" softcover, 102 pages, $59.95



There are a number of good books to teach you customer satisfaction survey construction and surveying techniques. But, this is the only book with 31 professional customer satisfaction surveys for you to examine, learn from, modify, or use as is. Chapter by chapter, author Trevor Spunt explores each element of a good customer satisfaction questionnaire and then shows you examples. You will learn how to develop a state-of-the-art survey of your own, and you will also have the benefit of ready-made questionnaires available for your review or use.

Customer satisfaction surveys published in this guide include:

  • Recent Customer Transaction Questionnaires for:
    • CD-ROM based software order processing
    • Consumer electronics telephone support services
    • Roadside assistance services
    • Credit union telephone services
    • Equipment ordering via assigned account manager
    • Telephone rep courtesy and attitude
    • Employee recognition
    • Caller satisfaction
    • Customer service help desk
    • Satisfaction by local office/outlet for paging services
    • Patient satisfaction with healthcare facility and provider
    • Computer support services
    • Satisfaction with sales people/account teams
  • Product and Process Improvement Questionnaires for:
    • Warranteed equipment dealership
    • Branch banking
    • Technical seminars
    • Product orders/customer service personnel
    • Satisfaction with customer service e-mail responses
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires for:
    • Product quality, packaging, delivery, technical and non-technical support services
    • Raw material supplier customer service, marketing and sales, technical support, shipping, product quality and packaging
    • Telephone-based and on-site equipment repair services
    • Catalog customer service, ordering and shipping, returns and claims, technical support, and marketing support
    • Healthcare department services
    • Telephone-based survey script for insurance services
    • Software product support
    • Computer services and account management
    • Medical service center TSR quality

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Designing the Questionnaire

  • The customer satisfaction questionnaire
  • The essentials of good questionnaire design
    1. Setting your objectives
    2. Choosing your target audience
    3. Determining your survey medium
    4. Constructing your questionnaire: The six elements of questionnaire design
      • Questionnaire layout
      • Questionnaire content
      • Questionnaire flow
      • Question structure
      • Question wording
      • Questionnaire reliability and validity
    5. Conducting your survey
    6. Analysing the results

Chapter 2 - Recent Customer Transaction Questionnaires

Chapter 3 - Product/Process Improvement Questionnaires

Chapter 4 - Overall Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires



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