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Automating Your Support Center; A Practical Guide to Assessing Service Automation Tools
by Knowledge Networks & the Software Support Professionals Association, 8-1/2" x 11" thermobound, 477 pages, current, $295



We are proud to offer "Automating Your Support Center", an absolute goldmine of information on how and why to select a support system, including critical information for 67 leading service automation products.  In this tome of a resource, you'll learn from industry experts

  • What a call tracking system does and how it works
  • The most important features to look for when selecting a system
  • Detailed features and criteria to consider when evaluating different products
  • Explanation of 64 different product features: What each feature is, what is can do for you, and when it's important
  • System integration - when, what, why and why not
  • How to justify support systems purchases and estimate costs
  • How to choose the right system
  • Phases of a support software selection project

Product reviews address important differentiations such as

  • Vendor facts: How to reach them, who to contact, size of the business, number of employees, total products sold, years in business, and number of product installations.
  • Product features: Modules and functionality included in the basic product price, available features, items, and services at additional cost.
  • System requirements: Minimal system requirements including client and server memory, disk space, operating systems, network operating systems and databases supported.
  • Key features and optimal uses specific to particular vendor products.
  • User interface, historical record management, and report generation capabilities.
  • Estimated time to install the product, produce prototypes, learn and fully utilize the system.
  • Customization options.
  • Internet/intranet integration and access.
  • Pricing.
  • Support, service, warrantee, training, and consulting costs and provisions.
  • Future product plans.

Additional appendices crossreference products by operating system, very helpful in narrowing your initial software product search choices.

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