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Customer Service For Dummies
by Karen Leland and Keith Bailey, softcover, 422 pages, 1999, $21.99.



This down-to-earth, step-by-step reference uncovers the mystery surrounding customer service and provides you with an outline for how to provide (and get) the best customer service possible. Filled with expert tips, techniques, and suggestions, as well as real-world case examples, case studies, and charts, you'll find Customer Service for Dummies is your handy customer service bible for the 90's and beyond.

  • Understand your customer's needs through surveys, questionnaires and focus groups;

  • Evaluate you company's commitment to service and how to improve it;
  • Develop staff training programs for service excellence;
  • Improve communications with tips on body language, tone of voice, and telephone etiquette;
  • Manage conflict with co-workers;
  • Get great service when you're the customer;
  • Measure and reduce your stress; and
  • Achieve Gold Medal service at a bronze metal cost.
Table of Contents

1. The Art of Giving Good Customer Service
2. The Art of Getting Good Service
3.  Taking an Honest Look at Your Service
4. Body Language
5. Tone of Voice
6. Telephone Etiquette
7. The Extra Mile
8. What to Do When You Can't Say Yes
9. How to Win Over a Difficult Customer
10. Stress Management
11. Getting in Step With Your Customer
12. Managing Conflict With Co-Workers
13. How to Survey Your Customers
14. Creating An Action Plan
15. Service Training

16Quality Groups
17. Service Standards
18.  Reward & Recognition
19. Mastering Your Electronic Mailbox
20. E-mail Etiquette
21. Ethics of E-Mail: Privacy, Permanance, & Policy
22. Customer Service on the Web
23. Ten Good Customer Service Habits to Develop
24. Ten Ways to be a Good Customer Service Role Model for Your Staff
25. Ten Major Do's and Don'ts of Customer Service
26. Ten Ways to Sell With Service
27. Ten Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Customer Service Representative
28. Ten Ways to Maintain Service in a Growing Company

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